15 JANUARY 2016
Z231 & Z232 - Bended temples, cat eye shape...

Without being loud yet searching for a touch of elegance is the design ethos of the new addition of the Elegant series.

Featuring a bended back temple at the starting point of the temple draws a touch of elegance to these shapes. The bended part can be painted another colour to beautify the frame or complement the single / dual colour of the frame front. The cat eye shape is perfect for the lady who exudes self-confidence and the other rounded rectangular shape is equally flattering as well.

13 JANUARY 2016
Functionality - the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality.

Added to the Functional Series are 3 eye shapes paired with TR hinges and temples. We spent 6 months developing the mould for the production of the TR parts and colours are injected instead of the usual spray painting techniques.

The temple is now screwless and this system allows thinner metal rim without the need of special cut lens or tougher lens. Metal rim allows more flexibility of eye shapes. The metal & TR combination creates a better look aesthetically as it permits more colour combinations and different textures (matt or shiny) on each frame.

The frame is light and comfortable, its versatile eye shape will be suitable for anyone across all ages and genders.

13 JANUARY 2016
For the little ones

Welcoming 4 eye shapes to the family and adding the retro fever to Mini Zio. We present to you tortoise shell printed temple and a retro eyeshape for Flex 10. This time, bigger eyeshapes were designed to fit "older" kids. 

New vibrant colors - Pink, Green and Yellow on the temples giving the kid a cheerful and smarter look.

17 DECEMBER 2015
Introducing the new Bling models

Bling 8 & 9 marks the 10th anniversary of Zio. We started off with quirky eyeshapes available in a wide range of daring colors. Today we have expanded to a range with 4 series; Elegant, Premium, Functional and Minizio. We designed over 200 models & launched more than 1200 SKU to multiple countries in Asia and Europe. 

Bling 8 & 9 belongs to our best-selling Elegant series. Adorned with Swarovski crystals on a single or dual colors frame, we used dual colors crystals on the frames, something that we have not done before, a first for Zio. 

The Swarovski crystals adds to the sophistication and luxury touch of Bling 8 & 9.

14 MARCH 2014
ZIO launches new models with new material

Zio Aluz 1 and 2, a new concept in the Premium series uses anodized duralumin.

What's great about Anodized Duralumin?

Anodized Duralumin is aluminium alloy made stronger and more durable through a process called 'anodizing' which involves placing a sheet of aluminium into a chemical acid bath. The oxidized aluminium forms a strong coating as it replaces the original aluminium on the surface. The result is a substance called Anodized aluminium that is light weight and scratch proof.

Won't it be too stiff?

Aluz 1 & 2 temple uses thermoplastic material that is durable, flexible and lightweight. the choice of material for the temple is to complement the front to provide the wearer with a comfort fit.

The implanted nose pad arm in stainless steel is both adjustable and has the right degree of elasticity to maintain it's adjusted position. The silicon pad will provide wearer a better fit.

The end result is a pair of "up to date" designer optical frame that carefully uses optimum materials for each part of the glasses.

05 JUNE 2013
Begin Magazine Vol.14

Zio Phoenix and Gothic series in BEGIN magazine.

06 JANUARY 2013
New Gum series.

New Gum series comes in 4 different eyeshapes and 9 new color combinations. Kids are definitely spoilt for choices this season as the new mini Gum 11, 12 13 and 14.

03 DECEMBER 2012
New York retailer - West Side Opticians

Zio eyewear on the Facebook of our Zio retailer in New York!

09 OCTOBER 2012
Zio Bling 5 & 6 advertisement

Mod. Bling 5 & 6

Link-> http://item.rakuten.co.jp/episode/ziobling5c65/

09 JULY 2012
Mini Zio

Mini Zio Wrap, Flex and Gum series.

Link-> http://www.sakuramegane.com/glasses.html

07 JULY 2012
Begin Magazine Vol.13

Phoenix series worn by a male Japanese model

29 JUNE 2012
Japanese Blogger blogs about Zio

Starring Zio Spira 9 C63.

Link-> http://yas.blog.eonet.jp/

10 JUNE 2011
Begin Magazine Vol.11

A Japanese eyewear magazine featuring ZIO Z169, Spira series, Bling Series and more.

10 JUNE 2011
Begin Magazine Vol.11

Mini Zio Gum 6 selected for this edition of Begin Magazine.

06 MARCH 2011
We're on the MIDO newsletter!

Zio Gothic 2 featured on the MIDO 2011 Newsletter.